Best Wood Bats: How to Find

As far as softball bats go, these are probably the best wood bats to get started with; if you can hit a ball with a wooden baseball bat, you can hit a baseball with ANY type of bat. They’re extremely suitable for both youth baseball and adult baseball. Watch how wood bats get made below:

When it comes to wood baseball bats, there are a variety of different types. The type of wood you want for your baseball bat all depends on what kind of feel you are looking for. Different players like different bats, so it’s important to read up on the characteristics of each type of wood bats.


There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to wood type; it all depends on what you feel most comfortable with. Some players prefer a heavier bat to build more power in their striking of the ball, while other players will prefer a lighter bat for more control and swing speed. Baseball players often test different wood types before settling on their preferred choice. The low cost of wooden bats make it easy for players to test different types of wood before settling on a wood bat that suits their needs.


Before choosing from the best wood bats we have selected below, consider your own personal needs. Every baseball player, from minor league to big league, has different characteristics and different requirements. Some players are tall and muscular, others are shorter and more toned. Your body characteristics will help guide you towards the right softball bat, so consider the following:


If you’re now getting into the game and consider yourself a beginner to intermediate, consider a lighter bat with a larger barrel. If you’ve been in the game a while and consider yourself intermediate to veteran, consider a heavier bat with a smaller barrel. Ultimately though, you need a bat which fits your own individual needs.


The last thing you want is for your new wood bat to be giving you blisters! Most bat manufacturers are adding sanded grips to their bats these days to prevent this from happening; it will be more costly to have a bat with a sanded grip, but much better for your hands in the long run.


The weight of the bat you choose will all depend on the flexibility of the players wrist and the weight of the player. Bats packed with power will allow a power hitter to smash the ball away with ease, but require the player to be well conditioned in strength to use properly. A lighter bat will be much easier to use for a player with less upper-body strength.


Like with bat weight, the barrel is important depending on the size of the player. The more muscular the player, the larger barrel bat they will need to be able to strike the ball properly. Bigger players will suit the big barrel bats whereas a player that can’t get great distance but can get great contact will be looking at a smaller barrel.


The thicker the handle, the less vibration you will feel between the barrel and the handle. If vibration isn’t too much of an issue for you, a thinner handle will allow your hands to move more easily. To minimize vibration, go for a thicker handle.


It goes without saying that the taller the player is, the longer the wood bat they will need. There’s no real rule here but if you’re a tall player, you may feel more comfortable with a longer bat. If you’re a shorter player, a shorter bat could suit you more. This is open to individual needs.


The more care and maintenance you give to your new wood bat, the longer life it will have. Care and maintenance is very important, even with the best wood bats. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the range bat; but if you don’t care well for it and maintain it, it will be reduced to nothing! If you want to keep your bat in top condition:

Store your baseball bat in good conditions, keeping it away from damp conditions and direct sunlight.
Do not throw your bat – it doesn’t matter what your bat is made of, they are not made for throwing!
Don’t leave your bat in the car or in direct sunlight on a hot day – the heat will make your bat brittle and break down.


Baseball is a thriving, growing sport; and nothing is more important than having the best wood bats at your disposal and picking one that suits. If you want to succeed at Baseball, and maybe even have a future in the professional baseball game if you’re a younger player, you need one of the best wood bats on the market. Find more wood baseball bats at This site is great source for this bat type.

All of the reviewed bats are of top quality, but our ultimate pick is the MARUCCI CHASE UTLEY PRO CU26 MODEL. It has a sanded grip, doesn’t cost the earth, has a great weight distribution and is BBCOR certified making it perfect for big league or little league baseball. You might be interested in checking out some of the best BBCOR bats on the market if a BBCOR certified bat is required for you.

Remember the most important rule of all when it comes to finding the best wood bats or any bat really – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Pick a bat, get outside and enjoy the game of baseball!

Best BBCOR Bats: The Best Certified Bats On The Market

If you’re joining a High School or College baseball team and want to stand out, then you’ll need one of the best BBCOR bats available. This guide will take you through what a BBCOR baseball bat is, how to pick between the best ones and also provide you with links to buy and review the best BBCOR baseball bats on the market.


BBCOR stands for Ball Bat Coefficient of Restitution. When the ball makes contact with the bat, a certain amount of energy is lost, and this is how BBCor certification is determined. If you’re looking to play in a new league or a new level of play, you may need a bat that is BBCOR certified. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled for a bat to be BBCOR certified:

  • When BBCOR tested, it must register a rating of 0.50 or less.
  • The barrel diameter of the bat must not exceed 2.625 inches.
  • The length-to-weight ratio cannot be be more than -3.
  • The length of the bat must be 36 inches or shorter.

The BBCOR certification was introduced on the grounds of safety; the old ratio of old-style aluminum bats did not properly protect players, particular pitchers, from dangerous and high-speed line drives. As of writing, BBCOR bats are only really a requirement at High School or Collegiate level, but these bats are slowly becoming introduced in little league baseball. The 10-14 year old range is seeing an increase in BBCOR bats due to the potentially lethal force that can be generated.

If you are unsure whether you need a BBCOR bat for your particular league, it’s best to consult with your league officials to determine if a bat of this type is a requirement or not. The below video from ESPN Sports & Science will help explain exactly why BBCOR bats were introduced:


Finding your first or even a new BBCOR bat as a High School baseball player can be a daunting and confusing task, so let us simplify it for you! You may already have a preferred brand when it comes to bats; this is the case for many baseball players. Developing a ‘comfort’ with a certain brand of bat is only natural.

All baseball players have certain styles when it comes to hitting. If you’re a taller, muscular player you may be looking for a hard hitter, whereas a smaller player would look for a bit with more balance to it. Naturally, some bats are better than others, so it’s important to decide what style you’re looking for when picking between the best BBCOR bats available.


Like anything, BBCOR Bats come with advantages and disadvantages. Some will be more of a problem than others. For example, if less of a pop would bother you, a BBCor bat would be a disadvantage as seen below. If it wouldn’t bother you, it’s not a disadvantage at all! Take a look at our pros and cons:


Larger Sweet Spot – Hitting the sweet spot and smashing those home runs is never easier than with a BBCOR bat. The even trampoline effect on the bat gives BBCor bats a bigger sweet spot, a bigger target and an even bigger distance.

Top Durability – BBCor bats go through rigorous testing to ensure they can be certified and used, making them a lot more durable and long-lasting than their counterparts such as wood bats. You’re much less likely to break a bat of this type.

Reduced Injuries – As seen in the video above, BBCOR bats are specifically designed to protect the players in the field. Player safety and injury is now much less of a concern when these bats are used.

Player Performance – The design of BBCOR bats mean players need to work harder than ever to hit the ball in the right spot; this increases player accuracy and skill when used over time.


Less Pop – Because of the bat design, there is less of a pop when hitting a ball than there would be with other bat types. This is a problem for some players and no problem at all for others; it all depends on how much you like that pop!

Cost – BBCor bats don’t come cheap, but are worth it for their durability and lifespan alone. The initial cost is high, but it’s one that can prove beneficial in the long term.


It takes research and some testing to find the ideal BBCOR bat that suits you, and they don’t come cheap; because these are the only bats allowed at high school and college level, retailers/vendors hike up the prices.

In our opinion, out of all the best BBCOR bats you could buy, we would plump for the EASTON 2015 BB15S1 S1 COMP -3 BBCOR BASEBALL BAT. It’s one of the more pricier options out there, but as the old saying goes; you get what you pay for. If you want a top bat, then look no further. This is simply one of the best BBCOR composite bats you can buy and is suitable for a wide variety of hitters.

If you’re not required to have a BBCOR bat and want a cheaper option, you might want to consider having a look at some of the best wood bats instead and don’t forget check our article about youth baseball bats if you are also looking for the youth bats.

Best Youth Baseball Bats: Top 10 Bats For Young Hitters

If you have a young hitter in the family who loves their baseball and may even have aspirations of turning it into a profession, then you want them to have one of the best youth baseball bats available in 2019. If you’re wondering how that 10 year old kid at the baseball park on a Saturday morning is sending the ball soaring through the air, then wonder no more.

The best youth players are all using some of the best youth baseball bats on the market. Here’s how to get one for yourself; or, if you’re a proud parent, your MLB star in the making!


If your kid wants to play baseball, you need to sign him up with your local youth baseball league. If you’re in the United States, you have a choice over different leagues, such as Little League, Pony Baseball, Cal Ripken, or any other affiliated or independent league. Other countries may have different leagues.

Each league is governed according to a specific set of rules that may alter the baseball game. For instance, the distance from the pitcher’s mound to the home plate and the distance between bases may be different across various leagues. Moreover, some leagues do not allow stealing of bases at all, while others allow it after the ball is caught by the catcher. Other independent leagues allow stealing in the same manner as in adult baseball. It is very important that you familiarise yourself with the rules of each league before your kid joins. This set of rules may or may not apply to what kind of bat you are allowed to play with – more on this aspect below.

Once you’ve made your choice, the next step is to equip your junior hitter with appropriate baseball gear, including gloves, helmet, cleats, and obviously a sturdy bat that enables your kid to hit the ball out of the park. Some of leagues require the bat must have USA certification stamp so, You need to check top 2021 USA bats available on the market and then get a perfect bat for your kid. After all, that is every hitter’s dream.


A lot goes into picking a baseball bat. It requires assessment of not only the bat itself, but the player too. Different players will require different variations of baseball bat when it comes to length, width, weight, material and so forth. It can be confusing and daunting, but the perfect bat is out there waiting for you.

To get the most out of the bat for a young player, they need to feel comfortable with it. You may end up buying 2 or 3 baseball bats before they can truly feel at ease with their ‘weapon of choice’. Let’s go through each variation and help you find the right one:


The weight and length of the bat is a crucial element; the taller the player, the longer the bat they will require. The stronger the player, the heavier they will want the bat to be. If you buy a bat that is too heavy, not only will your kid feel really uncomfortable while playing, but his hits will be mediocre at best due to low swing speed. A good rule of thumb is to look for bats that weigh anywhere between 2.5 and 5 pounds.

A bat’s length is often compared to how heavy it is. This is done by subtracting the weight of the bat from the length. For example, a bat that is 27 inches long and weighs 15 ounces would be considered a “-12” bat. A good way to judge this is to rest the head of the bat on the ground; the knob of the bat handle should rest easily in the player’s palm. The more easily it does this, the more suitable the length of the bat is.

A longer bat translates into greater reach, which means that hitting balls gets much easier. However, the longer the bat is, the heavier it gets, so this brings us to the weight issue again. Since you’re looking for a bat for your kid, our advice is to find the one that offers an optimal combination of length and weight that will help him reach peak performance.


If you want a youth baseball bat, you’re obviously heading for a youth league; youth leagues generally require you to have a metal bat. Metal bats come in two forms – one-piece and two-piece. One-piece bats are made from one type of metal, whereas two-piece bats are made from two types; one for the barrel of the bat, and one for the handle. One-piece bats are generally more suited to the harder hitter because there is less give.

Two-piece bats are a little more flexible which makes it more favourable to hitters who generate less power. Two-piece bats can possibly come in different forms; the barrel of the bat can sometimes be produced from composite materials, which produces a bigger sweet spot. A larger sweet spot means more power, which makes composite two-piece bats popular with power hitters.


If your kid is 12 or under, he should use a 2 ¼’’ barrel. This is the standard barrel size for most leagues out there, including Little League and Dixie Youth. Other independent leagues prefer 2 ¾ ‘’ barrels, but not higher.


In general, baseball bats are made of one or more of the following materials: aluminum, composite, alloy, or hybrid. Aluminum bats are lightweight and relatively durable. Composite and alloy bats are far more durable, but also heavier. Hybrid bats are a combination of alloy and composite. We recommend sticking to aluminum-based bats due to the added lightweight benefit. If you prefer durability over flexibility, you can opt for composite and/or alloy-based bats.


As we pointed out in the first part of our article, each league plays by its own rules. Even if you stumble across the perfect bat in the market, always check with your local league’s requirements before buying it. This will save you a lot of money and hassle.


Now that you have a rough idea of what sort of bat you may be looking for, it’s time to take a closer look at what we consider to be the top 10 best youth baseball bats on the market in 2019.

The most popular and best quality brands currently on the baseball bat market, particularly for youth players, are Easton, Marucci and DeMarini. If you choose a bat below from one of these brands, you’re getting your money’s worth. We know how hard it is to make a final choice despite being well informed. There is just so much to choose from. Don’t worry, we’re one step ahead of you on this one! Without further ado, let’s see what our exclusive selection of youth baseball bats is.

Easton Redline C-Core SC500

This baseball bat is easily one of the best in the market at the moment, if not the best. It arrived on the baseball scene in the late 90s, and it quickly impressed everyone with its unparalleled pop, its huge sweet spot, and now that it’s been a while since its release, it impresses with its unprecedented durability as well.

Many companies tried to replicate it, but it turns out the secret that nobody knew was the unique aluminum/scandium alloy. Nowadays, the bat is quite rare to find since Easton discontinued production. However, we managed to find a few brand new bats on Amazon, so make sure you buy them while the offer still lasts!

Easton YB17MK11 Mako Beast

m hyperskin bat grip, and a 2 ¼ ‘’ barrel diameter which is ideal for kids. It is made of composite fibers, which reportedly increases in performance in time. The great majority of customers are satisfied with how the bat performs at play.

They say it’s lightweight, can be swung easily, and enables their kids to hit those home runs without much hassle. There are a few customers who are not particularly content with the materials used in manufacturing the bat, but if you take into account the price tag, it makes for a great choice nevertheless.

DeMarini Voodoo Tee Ball

This bat is designed to be played by kids aged 4 to 8 in tee ball, a game that closely resembles baseball and softball, but which is simplified so as to help them learn the basics of both games. It can be used in traditional youth baseball games as well, but make sure your league allows it beforehand. Regarding the bat, it features a -12 length to weight ratio, 2 ¼’’ barrel diameter, and 1.15 BPF USSSA certification.

In addition, it comes packed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. There are only 5-star reviews for this particular bat! All customers praise the overall quality of the bat, its added lightweight, speed, flexible swing, and the great pop.

Rawlings YRBB11 Raptor

Rawlings’ YBRR11 Raptor Youth Minus is a bestseller on Amazon, as well as other retail stores that we checked. It features a -11 length to weight ratio (drop), a 2 ¼’’ barrel size, and it is made of alloy. It meets 1.15 BPF (Bat Performance Factor). We are quite surprised with the number of positive reviews of this bat.

Most customers say that it is well balanced, stylish, and definitely sturdy. While the pop is not the most impressive out there, you should know that, after all, you’re paying just under $25 for the least expensive variant.

Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger 125 Maple

All things considered, we believe that this bat is top-quality and easily the best you will find in this price range. It features a -11 drop and a regular finish (barrel). It is made of maple wood for added durability. The result: a bat that has a great sweet spot, an even better pop, and is very, very lightweight.

All customers seem to agree with us: the bat offers great value for money. Not only is the bat itself great, but everyone is extremely happy with the customer service provided by Hillerich & Bradsby: fast, prompt, and immensely helpful. What else to ask for?

Pinnacle Sports BamBooBat

This baseball bat is different from everything that we have reviewed thus far. The main difference lies in it being made of bamboo wood. It is not exactly uncommon among companies to use bamboo in manufacture, but most prefer maple because it is somewhat cheaper. Bamboo bats are usually more durable, can take more mishits, while balls speeds are slightly greater, but not significantly. The bat produced by this company is no exception.

It features a -11 drop, regular finish, and is approved by most youth leagues out there. 99% of customers were completely satisfied with every aspect of this bat. Some were not keen on the weight, but that should be expected from a bamboo bat nonetheless.

Marucci Junior Cat 6

This baseball bat is slightly more expensive, but it certainly makes for a good choice if your budget allows the expenditure. It features a one-piece alloy construction, -11 drop, 2 ¼ ‘’ barrel, a unique and patented anti-vibration knob, and is 1.15 BPF approved. It is approved by Little League, but you need to check availability with other leagues.

Customers are very impressed with the overall quality of this product. It’s very sturdy thanks to the alloy material used in manufacture, but it’s also somewhat heavy. To quote a customer: “If your kid doesn’t mind the extra weight, this is seriously a no-brainer choice!”

Lefeda Troodon Youth

Don’t be shied away by the company’s lack of popularity. This bat is sturdy, it feels good in the hand, and most importantly, it hits so strongly that your son will definitely send the ball across the field. It is made of durable aluminum alloy, features a handle with cushioned grip for added comfort, -11 drop, and a 2 ¼ ‘’ barrel.

As we said, this company is not very popular, much less the bat in question. However, the existent reviews suggest that it provides great value for money nonetheless. Several customers say that the aluminum alloy used in manufacture is somewhat cheap, but it should be expected for only $30.

Combat VIGSL110

As with our previous entry, this company is not that much popular either, but this baseball bat provides great value for money. It features a -10 length to weight ratio (i.e. drop), 2 5/8 inch barrel, balanced swing height, and a USSSA BPF 1.15 certification. It is made of composite fibers. The great majority of customers praise the overall durability and reliability of the bat.

Several customers complained that the bat allegedly broke after a few short games, but we’re most likely talking of faulty pieces. Each customer received a full refund, so rest assured they treat each and everyone among you seriously.

Barnett BB-W Wooden

We’re very happy with the specifications of this baseball bat. It is made of good quality maple wood, features a -10 length to weight ratio (drop) and a 2 ¼ ‘’ barrel diameter. The company advises not to use it in professional environments, but rather as a training for your kid, either in tee ball or in friendly baseball games.

Most customers agree that this bat provides a good price/quality ratio, but they’re not very keen on the quality of the wood, nor on the lack of cushioned grip, which hinders comfort significantly. If your palms get sweaty, it will become increasingly uncomfortable to handle the bat while playing. However, these are minor compared to what you get in return.

There’s a lot of choices here and a lot of information to take in we know, but it’s important to get the bat that’s right. Every bat has it’s own benefits, but if I was to choose one for my kid to take on the youth leagues with, it would be the…

Make sure you check with your youth league as to what bats are permitted and which are not. Some youth leagues may permit wooden bats, in which case it could be a good idea to check out the best wood bats on offer as well. Your youth league may require a BBCOR and USSSA certified baseball bats, in which case, you want to check out the BBCOR bats and USSSA bats available before making the decide.

The research and information we provide above will help you no end when choosing a bat, but don’t hesitate to check out the Amazon customer reviews for each bat and see how people have fared before making a decision. We hope this has been of tremendous help for you and especially your kid. After all, he’ll be the one whom everyone relies on in the game. Some bats that we reviewed are best suited for training or tee ball and not necessarily for usual baseball games, but we made sure to mention that. Everything has been fully covered for your convenience. Good luck!

Best Baseball Bats: The Best Bats Available In Market 2019

As a Baseball player, the most important piece of equipment you will ever own is, of course, your baseball bat. To become the best hitter you can be and reach your potential, you’re naturally going to want the best baseball bat available. Here we have a selection of the very best bats available in 2019 and you’re sure to find the right one for you from our choices! We’ve reviewed HUNDREDS of bats and have whittled it down to what we consider the top 10 baseball bats available to buy.

Easton SL16MKT8 Mako Torq 

Easton is a well-known name on the market for sports equipment, and the structure of the company has allowed them to be quite innovative in the design of their products, coming out with multiple great models over the years. They’re currently one of the dominating brands on the market for baseball, fastpitch and slow pitch bats, and their products across all price ranges are enjoying a great reputation.

The SL16MKT8 can be a bit expensive for a first-time bat, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for something that will last a long time and will not lose any of its durability for quite a while.

The handle features a nice, comfortable grip, and the bat is designed with fast swings and a nice pop in mind. The sweet spot can feel a bit small depending on your preferred playing style, but it’s still a solid, reliable choice that more than justifies its price in the end.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher

Despite only having been on the market for a little under four decades, Cold Steel has become one of the most prominent companies on the market for sharp tools and baseball bats. While their models typically don’t shine with a lot of precision engineering, they more than make up for that with their durable builds, low cost, and excellent customer service.

A polypropylene bat designed with longevity in mind, the Brooklyn Smasher is one of Cold Steel’s finer products, and is a particularly good deal when you consider its low price. There’s a lot to be said about the durability of this piece, but it takes some real playing experience to truly get a sense of what it’s like to hold an indestructible baseball bat in your hands.

No matter how much abuse you throw its way, the Brooklyn Smasher will prevail. Other than that, it’s a very solid bat with great properties for both advanced as well as beginner players, and at a price like that, you can’t really go wrong even if you rarely touch it after the initial purchase.

Easton S500

If you can get a good deal on it, the SL14S500 is easily one of the best bats you can buy in this price range. Even at its default price it still has a lot to offer, but there are some better options on the market nowadays that have pushed it aside a little bit. However, if you do go with this model, you’ll find that it offers a great feeling in your hands, its pop is fantastic, and the bat is quite nicely balanced too.

Definitely a top choice for those who want something more durable and also more flexible for their complex plays, and while you will have to dig a bit more deeply in your pockets for it, you will definitely not feel disappointed by what you get for that price in the end.

Rawlings BBR53

Rawlings are known for their continuous innovations and their ability to breathe new life into concepts that were starting to get outdated and borderline obsolete. The company has a strong technological edge, and they keep using that with great results year after year, producing solid bats that have, for the most part, managed to withstand the test of time, as many of their older models are still relevant today.

The BBR53-3 5150 is a well-balanced, BBCOR certified model that offers a good hit and a lightweight feel in your hands. The sweet spot is very large and easy to get a sense of, and once you’re used to swinging the bat, you’ll never miss a solid hit.

The bat has some issues with its durability, as some buyers have reported that it doesn’t last very long under more active use, and if you additionally don’t put the time into proper maintenance of your equipment, you may find it in a problematic state pretty quickly. Still, at its price, it’s definitely not a bad deal even if you do end up breaking it.

Marucci One MCB1

Marucci Sports is specialized in producing baseball bats, and even though the company hasn’t been on the market that long – about fifteen years now – they’ve already made a strong name for themselves, and the brand enjoys a lot of respect among players of all ranks. The durability and reliability of their products is hard to beat, and Marucci also tend to have some very reasonable prices on most of their products.

The bat’s balance is great for fast swings and it helps accelerate your hand a lot. If you already have a fast hit, this model will make things significantly easier for you when you’re trying to get a strong hit on the ball, and the sweet spot is not hard to get used to either.

On the other hand, the pop leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t really justify the price of the bat. If you’re into the more aesthetical part of a good bat, then this might not be the ideal choice for you, even though its actual playing performance is otherwise top notch. Additionally, some users may find the sweet spot’s positioning to be a bit too awkward depending on how the bat is held and what your specific playing style is, but this is mostly down to personal preferences.

Combat VIGSL110

Combat are one of the companies on the market with a strong attention to detail, and they’ve consistently proven their care for their core customers over and over again with multiple quality releases. While their models tend to be relatively inexpensive, they also usually offer a great value for their price, and are among the favorite brands of amateur players.

The VIGSL110 is a great all-around bat with a special focus on its grip quality. If you want to get a solid handle on your bat and make sure that you’re in full control of every swing, then this is the model for you. On the other hand, the bat itself is made from high-grade composite material, and it has a great feeling on every hit.

You’ll notice that your shots tend to go very far with this model, as it’s designed to maximize compression and send the ball as far as possible. Combined with its huge sweet spot and its great pop, this is a fantastic bat offered at a relatively low price, which should easily fit the needs of even the most pretentious players.

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha 516

Hillerich & Bradsby is the original designer and manufacturer of the famous Louisville Slugger bats, although the brand is being transferred to the Wilson company recently. Still, buyers shouldn’t expect any changes in the build quality of the models they’re buying, and they should always be able to count on the line’s famous durability, pronounced pop and great sweet spots.

The Omaha 516 is a BBCOR certified model in the famous Louisville Slugger line, and anyone that’s heard of these bats before should know exactly what to expect. Still, the manufacturer surprised their fans with some new improvements in the design, including a better, lighter alloy, and a more flexible material used in the grip.

These features all come together in a combination that will leave you wanting more and more after each hit, and you may find yourself stuck on the field for quite some time. Make no mistake, this is an investment that will last you a very long time if you take proper care of it.

Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood

A Japanese company with a strong tradition, Mizuno are known for their relatively inexpensive, yet excellent in performance bat models. Some people claim that Mizuno have a slightly outdated view on some of their marketing practices, but on the other hand, the company is more than competent with modern technology and they definitely know how to integrate contemporary solutions into their new releases.

The 2014 Bamboo Elite is a classic wooden bat with a traditional pop like you would expect from a model with this design. Users tend to be very positive about the weight factor and overall speed performance of the bat, and its visual design has received some moderate praise over the years as well. In fact, this bat seems to mark a bit of a transitional period for Mizuno, as they have been focusing more and more on the aesthetic aspect of their products lately.

On the other hand, some may find the sweet spot of the bat a bit difficult to locate, but once you’ve nailed it down, you should be able to get a nice clean hit with every swing. The bat does admittedly take some getting used to, but after that it’s a solid hitter that should be a trusty companion for your everyday play.


DeMarini are a tightly specialized company with a relatively short market presence until now, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a big splash with many of their products, establishing a solid permanent name for the brand in the history of baseball. They only produce baseball bats, and they definitely have a strong sense for what makes a good product of this type.

A bat that’s ideally suited for taller players due to its specific length/weight ratio, the 2014 Vexxum is a great offer by DeMarini that has the potential to last a long time due to its durable build and sturdy materials. The bat also offers a reliable performance and can give you predictable results with every hit. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, it can be very easy to land consistent powerful hits and see great results on the field, even if you’re relatively new to the game.

On the other hand, the price won’t set you back too much compared to other bats of its kind, making it an ideal investment for those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking to get, but want something they can definitely rely on.

Easton Z-Core HMX 3

Last but definitely not least, we have another solid offer from Easton with many advanced features for the experienced player willing to spend a little more. One of the notable features of the bat is the design of its grip, which will not only provide you with steady control of your swings, but will last a long time under harsh use as well.

There’s a lot that can be said about the craftsmanship that’s gone into this model, but those who’re already familiar with Easton probably don’t need a lot of explanation in this regard anyway.

Another strong point about this model is that the technology used in its barrel can offer an amazing performance even at longer lengths, and you’ll get a lot more direct feedback on all your swings. It’s definitely one of the better bats on the market right now as far as the aesthetics are concerned, and this of course also includes the visual design of the bat, which is outstanding for a model in its price range.

Considering that all other aspects of the model are top notch as well, this is easily one of the best solutions right now if you’re looking for something relatively inexpensive, yet with a lot of potential for those who know how to use it correctly and have a bit more experience with the game.